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A week in Faroe Islands - Day 4 "Quick visit to Gasadalur and Bøur and a beautiful sunset in Saksun"

I was really looking forward to this Faroe Islands trip, but I have to say that this particular day was very unexpected. If you’ve been following me on Day 3 then you know that so far all the places I’ve visited were pretty epic. This time around my plan was to do some photography around Saksun, a small valley famous for one hut. No climbs, long hikes, nothing, just a peaceful day of walking around. Boy was I mistaken.

Map of Saksun in the Faroe Islands

Map of Saksun in the Faroe Islands

I’ve started my day by driving from Tórshavn straight to Saksun as I wanted to explore a little, find if there are any good compositions that I could shoot later during sunset. I’ve parked my car next to the Saksunarvatn lake and took a stroll down the valley towards the Pollurin lake.

Now I have to be honest here: Faroe Islands are gorgeous and give you the opportunity to hike and climb along some stunning cliffs, but if you’re there do please visit Saksun. The area, although not as challenging and dramatic, is truly stunning!

After this I’ve drove a bit further to see the famous grass covered cabins and church of Saksun and while the cabins are nothing that interesting, to be honest (there is a public toilet in one of them) the church and the view are famous and there definitely is a reason for it!

After this experience and because I still had time to kill, I drove back to Gasadalur. In general I have to say that Faroe Islands are extremely is to move around if you have a car. You can get to practically any corner of the main islands in about two hours tops, but you have to pay a toll of 100 DKK (around 12 GBP or 15 USD) every time you go through one of two under ocean tunnels, one to Vagar and the second one to Klaksvik. The 100 DKK is for two ways through a tunnel so i.e. when you’re going to Kalksvik you won’t pay, but you’ll pay on your way back.There and back = 100DKK, simple, right?

Anyways I drove to Gasadalur to admire once again the famous waterfall Múlafossur and just to listen to its calming growl.

In the afternoon I’ve started making my way back to Saksun passing by the Fossá Waterfall. Now it definitely wasn’t the most impressive waterfall I’ve seen, but it was still interesting, even more so as there was no one around, the area was completely empty! Now I’d definitely suggest going there if you’re in the area, just to stand underneath it and have its cold waters hit your face. It’s an amazing experience! Plus there were some gorgeous sheep walking around as well!

Straight (and still a bit wet) from the Fossa waterfall I’ve driven back to Saksun for what I can only describe as one of the best sunsets I’ve ever seen! The sky just lit up with all kinds of colours and this particular moment, although I hiked many steep places in the Faroes, is definitely one of my most memorable ones!

Ok, let’s talk about something serious now. Above you’ll find few photos with me standing in front of that famous hut. As I approached it from the lake side I didn’t know at the moment what I want you to know in the future. This hut is private property and you are not suppose to be there. What I’ve also heard tho is that the owners are very kind and polite and chances are that if you’ll ask them they’ll grant you access to the area to take few quick photos. So yea, basically don’t be me! ;)

That was the end of my day in Saksun, this gorgeous area which you really should visit! Next time we’re going to visit the highest peak of the Islands and go back to Gjógv and Sørvágsvatn Lake. It’ll be a good one!



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