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What to see and do in the Faroe Islands - Day 5... ish

I’m sure by now you’ve visited with me Viðareiði, Tindhólmur and Drangarnir during Day 1 and then we’ve went on a visit to Sørvágsvatn Lake, Bøur and Gásadalur during Day 2. Afterwards we’ve seen some stunning landscapes at Kallur lighthouse and the village of Gjógv on our 3rd day to finally visit Saksun and revisit Gasadalur while spending our 4th day on the Faroe Islands. I’ve spent two more days there, but the 5th day was more for myself as I climbed and hiked the highest peak of the Isles, Slættaratindur…

… went back to Gjógv…

… and Sørvágsvatn to listen to some crazy waves!

On my way back tho everything got covered in thick fog which did not go away the next day so I was forced to stay in Tórshavn.

Foggy day in Tórshavn

As these were two days of peace, quiet and time to myself, I thought that I’d do a summary of my visit by saying what and how to visit. Here we go!

The peak above Vidareidi

I think this is my number one spot in the whole of Faroe Islands! I’ve written about it in my Day 1 entry and I encourage you to read it, but the views from up there on a good day are extremely hard to beat! Plus you get a little bit of exercise as well! I’m not sure how safe it is during winter months, but it was great in July. Suggestions? Bring solid boots and don’t stop until you reach the cliff. The view on the other side is breathtaking!

The island of Kalsoy and Kallur Lighthouse

You’ll find a bit more info about this amazing place and how to get there in my Day 3 entry, but believe me when I say that the ferry ride to this island is totally worth it! The views from the cliffs around the lighthouse are stunning, you just can’t beat them! My only regret was not taking my tent and staying there for the night!


Ah Saksun… this small area on the island of Streymoy has truly left an impression on me. This beautiful valley with a gorgeous lake right in the middle is an easily accessible walkers paradise where you can admire all of Faroe Islands stunning landscapes in one place! Definitely a worth destination for anyone visiting the Isles. Park in the first parking lot and walk down to the lake and then drive further up to the second parking lot and walk around the white chapel and admire the view of the lake from up above. Totally worth the time!

Village of Gasadalur and Múlafossur Waterfall

This location really doesn’t need any recommendations, but there is one thing that I have to mention: don’t just go straight to the waterfall, walk around the village a little bit as well, as it is very picturesque and has quite a few of those grass covered building.

Drangarnir and Tindhólmur

Ok, I’m going to say something not to popular: not a fan. Don’t get me wrong: it’s a cool spot, very dramatic, well knows for it’s photography compositions, but if I had only three days on the Islands, I would not include this place in my itinerary. It’s a two hour walk one way on a flat surface, a walk that you have to pay for. It’s still a cool place to visit and tick it off your list tho!

The village of Bøur

This small village, which you’ll need to pass on your way to Gasadalur, is a spot that I personally would have missed completely. I’ve stopped there by accident as I had some downtime, wanted to reorganize my gear and there was a parking spot there. I looked around, got out of the car to have a short walk and stretch my legs and I’ve stumbled across these beautiful, grass covered houses. The village is small and it’s a quick stop, but one definitely worth it, especially because of the beautiful church and the view of Drangarnir in the background.

If you are reading this text that most likely means that you are already planning on visiting the Faroe Islands. Hope you’ll find this little show and tell useful, but I have to honestly say that the Faroe Islands have so much more to offer for almost everyone! Have fun over there and do enjoy yourselfs, but please remember to be responsible and not ruin this amazing place for others that’ll come after you.

Safe travels