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A week in Faroe Islands - Day 3 "Kallur lighthouse and the village of Gjógv"

Next day I started really early as getting from Tórshavn to the ferry terminal in Klaksvík would take me an hour and a half. I got up at 6 am and made it for my 8 am ferry to Kalsoy just in time. The ferry is very easy to get to: you just show up, pay a fee of 120 dkk if you’re going with a car (which I did) and you’re off! It’s worth to show up a bit earlier as the ferry has limited capacity and if there are to many cars then you won’t be able to get on. The ride to Kalsoy is very short and was quite pleasant.

My goal for the day was to hike up to the Kallur lighthouse and to a very interesting ridge not far away from the lighthouse. Getting to the lighthouse is pretty straight forward, there is only one road on the island going straight to the village of Trøllanes where you will start your hike.

Kallur lighthouse hike map from Trøllanes

Kallur lighthouse hike map from Trøllanes

Once you’ve parked in Trøllanes you can literally just follow the map above, that is the exact route to the lighthouse, it’s a pleasant and quite easy hike and the views are absolutely amazing!

But! There is an equally as amazing hike not far away, but it’s a bit more demanding. From the lighthouse don’t go down the slope just yet, but follow along around the peak towards the south. Do be careful, it’s a steep slope so good boots are definitely required! The whole hike is totally worth it, the ridge and view over there are something for the thrill seekers so if you’re one…

Hike map from Kallur Lighthouse to Nestindar, Borgarin

Hike map from Kallur Lighthouse to Nestindar, Borgarin

I really wanted to stay there for sunset, but unfortunately last ferry back was at 7 pm so I decided to take that one and do something different instead. That was a good choice! On the way to the ferry terminal from Kalsoy there is a small village called Mikladalur, in which I’ve stopped by accident and which turned out to have the most picteresque green roof houses in the whole Faroe Islands. How lucky was that?!

From the ferry terminal in Klaksvík I drove to a small village called Gjógv.

Now Gjógv is a small village located in the north peak of the island of Eysturoy and it’s so worth the visit! In the village there is a small gorge by the same name as the village, which used to be a sea port used by the vikings. You can hike up and see it from the top together with the colorful houses located in the village. The view is trully something!

Don’t be afraid to walk around the village, it’s beautiful and very serene. It’s a great place to relax. I stayed there until it got almost completely dark (at that time of the year it never got fully dark) and got back to my flat extremely late, but was already excited for the next day and my visit in Saksun!