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A week in Faroe Islands - Day 2 "Sørvágsvatn Lake, Bøur and Gásadalur"

I decided to start the next day with another Faroese classic, the cliffs surrounding the Sørvágsvatn Lake. Let’s get one thing out of the way: don’t leave your car where you are planning on leaving it. There is an obvious parking space, right next to the main road, where people still quite often park their cars, then trespass and go straight through someones land while they don’t have to amd shouldn’t. There is a better and easier way.


Once you get there better brace yourself. One thing is for sure: this location is not for the faint-hearted. You are allowed to come all the way up to a very brutal cliff, going down for tens of meters so do please be really careful here cause if anything happens… well, that’s it. The location is very interesting, but I do have to say that from a photography point of view it’s crucial to have useful light there. When I arrived the sky was flat, it was perfectly grey and it was drizzling a bit. I took some photos because being me I just had to, but I didn’t even use them later on. I’ll just show you few of them here.

I had a great time being there, walking along those cliffs and admiring their violent beauty, but it was time for me personally, not for photography, which meant that I didn’t stay to long and slowly made my was towards a different location.

While driving further to the west I stumbled across a lovely village! I didn’t know this at the time, but the village is called Bøur and is famous for two things: some of the pretties grass covered houses and a view of Drangarnir right behind them. Although I was already excited for my next location and in a bit of a rush to get there, I stopped in Bøur and couldn’t stop walking around and just taking photos! It’s a fantastic location!

Because the weather still wasn’t playing ball I made a promise to myself that I’d come back to this location and I made my way towards the village of Gasadalur.

This one is probably the most well known location in all of the Isles and rightfully so! The Múlafossur waterfall situated right underneath the village, falling straight into the ocean, is one of the world famous photography compositions.

First thing I did tho and what I’d suggest you do is going to the village of Gásadalur itself. There are a lot of beautiful grass covered houses there, the scenery above the village itself is breathtaking and you can definitely stumble across some lovely animals like horses!

That particular afternoon, when my car was parked in the village car park, another car, left there without the hand break turned on, drove into me. Now I can’t stress this enough: Michael from Just Drive was very helpful and dealt with everything, but it still took almost two hours of my time which meant that I had to make my way towards the waterfall as soon as possible as I was already loosing light. If you know anything about me or my photography tho then by now you should know that my favourite time of day is right after the sun disappeared behind the horizon and that means that I still got a fantastic shot!


This was a great evening, walking around the waterfall, looking for compositions… and walking down the stairs. Now I probably should not mention this, cause I doubt it’s legal, but it is possible to take the horribly looking stairs down and watch the waterfall from ocean level, but I have to be honest that I do not recommend it as the steps down are in a really bad shape.

After all this excitement I started making my way back towards Tórshavn as I had a ferry to Kalsoy booked for 8am the next day. I did however make a quick stop in Bøur to capture some more of the incredible beauty of its grass covered rooftops.

My mind tho was already in Kalsoy… entry on it coming soon and it’ll be a really good one!