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Ómur - an exhibition by Benjamin Hardman at The Print Space, London


Living in a city like London unfortunately I don't get to experience the wild outdoors all that often and that's one of the reasons why I travel so often. My big complaint is tho that London itself so rarely gets to experience the wilderness in its core, especially when it comes down to photographic representation. There are the Sony Photography Awards, Wildlife photographer of the year and that's basically it, but at this point they are all very commercialized and they don't really keep focus on one subject. All of this to say that I was extremely excited when I heard that The Print Space is hosting an exhibition by a very talented photographer, Benjamin Hardman. Benjamin is from Australia, but he lives in Iceland and captures its beauty all year around, but this particular exhibition titled "Ómur – Photograph’s from the frozen North",was focused on the winter months, which, looking at my travels from Senja, Lofoten, Iceland or Chamonix, are my favourite due to the incredible shapes, minimalism and, well, seclusion.

There weren't that many prints, if memory serves me well just twelve, but seeing them is so worth it and let me explain why, because this exhibition brought me to a realization: I know Benjamins work (and probably most of us do) from Instagram, where on a daily basis we scroll through hundreds of images. Obviously I follow his website as well, but the thing is that because all these images are so small on our screens we can't and won't truly appreciate them. Being able to look at a huge printed image, geek out on all those details makes one hell of a difference! The exhibition runs until the 29th of August. Go!