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Visit Norway - A week in Lofoten Day 6 "Vindstad and back to Hamnøy for sunset"

If you'll take a look at my day 5 in Lofoten, you'll notice that I decided to go back to my B&B early... well, earlier then usual and that's because I wanted to visit the Bunes Beach next day.

How to get to Bunes Beach

How to get to Bunes Beach

Let's get one thing out of the way: Bunes Beach might not be a perfect travel destination during winter. It's a very lonely place at that time, partly because there isn't much to do there and partly because it's not easily accessible. To get to the Beach you have to take a ferry from Reine. I used Reinefjorden, which was leaving at 8am and got me there quickly and safely.

The ferry drops you off on a very picteresque jetty, especially at sunrise!

The beautiful jetty in Vindstad at sunrise

The beautiful jetty in Vindstad at sunrise

From there I started making my way up north through the village of Vindstad. For me this was a very interesting walk. First time I encountered a place so deserted! There were houses over there, but every single one was empty, some were falling into ruin... the feeling was very surreal and quite amazing for someone like me, who every now and then likes to be alone, away from anyone else.

After making my way through the village and climbing up a bit I've finally reached the empty and lifeless beach. There was no-one to see for miles, just me, mountains, beach and the sea. Amazing. The place was so quiet I took out my sleeping bag and took a nap there!

After that I started feeling a bit alone tho and wanted to go back and walk a bit more between the beautiful red huts of Reine

Walking back from Bunes Beach towards Vindstad

Walking back from Bunes Beach towards Vindstad

and boy was I lucky! If you'll ever get to see Reine during sunset, when there are few clouds on the sky, you'll see the true beauty of Lofoten!

Thank you Lofoten for having me and being so amazing!

It was a perfect end to what I think was my best trip ever! After this sunset I started making my way back to the B&B as next day I was flying back to my home in London.


Thanks for joining me on this adventure, hope you'll find it useful! Don't be afraid to contact me with any questions and check out my Instagram for more travel inspiration.