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Visit Norway - A week in Lofoten Day 2 "The classics: Hamnøy, Reine and Sakrisøy"

If you've read Day 1 to the very end, you know that it did not end well. Here's what has happened.

In front of the fjord of Reine

In front of the fjord of Reine


During my hike to the top of Husfjellet, Senja I took my time, actually I wasn't even looking at the time and I had an AirBNB booked in Lofoten and was suppose to meet the owner at 8PM that day. If you've ever driven from Senja to Lofoten then you know that this is like a 7 hour drive. Amd if you're a photographer... well, it becomes even longer. When I arrived in Lofoten it was already midnight and that one day changed my plans for the entire week.


Due to this delay I've decided to take it easy the next day and get some sleep to be better prepared for the upcoming hikes, which meant that on Day 2 I had the time and opportunity to walk around the amazing fishing villages of Hamnøy, Reine and Sakrisøy.


I left the place I was staying in at 9AM, perfect for a sunrise. Yes, winter in Norway is quite special due to the short days and the fact the the whole day is basically a collection of sunrises and sunsets. If you're a photographer then you'll really appreciate it. If you're just travling you'll appreciate it even more due to the lack of a distraction in the form of a camera.

I was slowly making my way towards Reine, taking photos along the way.

Driving in Lofoten

I arrived in Reine at 11AM and made my way into the village, where I was planning on leaving the car. In the end this did not happen as I wasn't sure if I could leave the car in the village itself. That actually worked in my favour in the end and this is a good tip for anyone visiting those villages. Right before you turn to Reine there is a small parking space, usually quite empty. Leave your car there and walk on foot through Reine and Sakrisøy, all the way to Hamnoy.

A great walk through the old villages of Hamnøy, Reine and Sakrisøy

A great walk through the old villages of Hamnøy, Reine and Sakrisøy

The rest of the day was just walking around and taking photos and let me tell you that these three villages are amazing, incredibly photogenic. There is a composition on almost every corner and the colours are stunning! The thing that hit me the most tho, which no-one ever talks about, was how clean the water is in Lofoten. You can see literally everything from the surface to the very bottom.

Clean waters of Lofoten

Clean waters of Lofoten

One thing about that place when you're there: take your time, walk slowly, admire. It's all those little corners, back paths and hidden boats that make this place so amazing.

Hopefully this text will give you some pointers on what to expect and how to really take in all of what these villages have to offer. Day 3 is coming soon and it'll be a very exciting one... I am being very stupid there and come close to some serious injuries, so stay tuned!