Simon Migaj photography



Hi there! How are you? My name is Simon and I'll be your photographer for the foreseeable future.

How did it all begin? I was born in 1983 and after finishing all the standard education steps I went to university and started studying IT. Unfortunately although it was interesting it was also a little bit boring, that's why I decided to switch to architecture. At this point, I think, my adventure with composition, design and general foundations of photography started. In 2007 I've established a company called PressEnter Design, which I'm running to this day. As the company specializes in architectural visualization, which is basically computer generated photography, it was natural for me to move on to photography. For a couple of years I was shooting some small family events and some time ago decided that it was time to dedicate myself fully and take on photography professionally.

I specialize in wedding, lifestyle and architecture photography, but I do love to shoot wildlife and landscape from time to time. I live in London, but shoot all around the world.

Clients:  MWM, The Boundary, Bliss Charity
Industry:  Lifestyle, Wedding, Travel